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Are you new to escorting?

One thing that I have learned when working as an escort, is that most escort agency expect you to know everything about escorting right away. No one really thinks about you as the new girl and explains stuff to you. It is unfortunate but most of the experienced girls at South London escorts of https://charlotteaction.org/south-london-escorts don’t even explain things to their new colleagues. It is a little bit like they like to trip them up.

When I meet a new girl who has just joined South London escorts, I always take some time out to explain things to her. There are some things that you simply need to know when you work for an escort agency, and I like to make sure I share what I know. For instance, it is very likely that you have not met a man in a bar before you to join an escort agency.

A lot of dates do like to meet you in a bar. At first you feel not so good about working into that bar on your own, but that is only in your head. I have said to all of the new girls at South London escorts that they should walk up to the bar with confidence, order a drink and say to the barman that you are waiting for your date. That sorts of clears the air. Yes, many barmen thing that single women are all escorts, so you want to avoid that.

How does he know you? I normally have a similar outfit all of the time, and ask the reception to tell the gent what I am wearing. For instance if I am wearing a pink blouse, I will make sure that my date knows all about the pink blouse so that I can look out for him. You may want to find out what he is going to be wearing. A suit will not cut it, you need to know the color of his suit and his tie. That will allow you to identify him as your South London escorts date. No, don’t go for flowers or anything like that. It will just look a bit strange.

Don’t wear a tarty outfit. This is where at lot of new girls at South London escorts go wrong. They arrive wearing a really tarty outfit and there is trouble right away. If you do wear a tarty outfit, you need to realise that you are much more likely to get kicked out. Sure, you can wear something exciting underneath, but what I call your bar outfit must look nice. Don’t smile at every man in the bar as you are likely to get chatted up before your date turns up. Finally, be on time and preferably a bit early. You don’t want to start your date by being all stressed out. Many girls arrive right on time, but I try to be there about 10 to 15 minutes before the agreed time.